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Co-Laborer Nomination

The Session is accepting nominations for the role of co-laborer from September 1–October 6.
Before proceeding, please review our co-laborer document

Commissioned Co-Laborers

Who is eligible to nominate a woman for the role of Co-Laborer?

All communing members of Christ Presbyterian Church.


What women are eligible to be nominated for the role of Co-Laborer?

Candidates for the role must meet the following qualifications:

  • be communing members in good standing of Christ Presbyterian Church for at least one year;
  • willing to spend any necessary time in training for and performing the duties of the role;
  • have tangibly demonstrated the character, knowledge, and gifts that are outlined in the document as necessary for the role.


How Do I Nominate Someone for the role of Co-Laborer?

  • Prayerfully review the document.
  • Prayerfully consider which women have continually and tangibly demonstrated these characteristics at CPC.
  • Request permission from anyone you are considering nominating.
  • Complete the form below.

Nomination Form

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