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Connect Class Online

This class is designed to introduce you to our church in a broad and general fashion. It will also answer some common questions about what it means to be a believer in Jesus, to be a part of a Presbyterian Church (Presbyterian Church in America) in the Reformed Tradition, and to be a member of this church in particular. You will learn about our central beliefs, our philosophy of ministry, and our organization. We will also explore how you can best take advantage of, and become involved in, the multitude of opportunities that come with being a part of our community.

Most likely, the Connect Class videos will not answer every one of your questions. Feel free to ask questions or direct remaining questions to any of the ministry staff or leadership. God has brought you here for a purpose; we want to help you discover and fulfill that purpose.

After you have gone through the material, please email to set up a time to review in person or keep an eye out for one of our Coffee Connect gatherings.

You can purchase a hard copy of the Connect Guide  for $10.

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Section 1: Beliefs

We are a Christian Church

Before watching, please read pages 7-11 in the Connect Guide.

We are a Protestant Church

Read pages 12-13 in the Connect Guide.

We are a Reformed Church

Read pages 14-16 in the Connect Guide.

Empty me out / Fill me with You
Lord there is nothing / I can give to You
I lay down my life / Here at Your feet
You give me life / So completely

I died with You / Was buried with You
The moment I believed
I rose with You / Ascended with You
Into the Heavenlies
Lord, it’s not me / It’s You inside of me
Jesus, You are all / These eyes can see

We are a Presbyterian Church

Read pages 24-28 in the Connect Guide.

Section 2: Core Values and Commitments

Core Values

Read pages 30-35 in the Connect Guide.

Core Commitments

Read pages 36-42 in the Connect Guide.

Section 3: Our Practices

Growing, Serving, Giving

Read pages 43-55 in the Connect Guide.


Read pages 56-59 in the Connect Guide.

Next Step

Once you have gone through the material, please email to set up a time to review in person.