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God’s Mission and Ours

October 24, 2021 ()

Jonah 1:1–6 |


Why am I here? This is the existential question. And it is not just a question for those who don’t know God. Christians often ask why God has chosen to leave them on this earth. Why are we here as a church? Archbishop William Temple is often remembered as saying that ῾῾The Church is the only institution that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not its members.” And it is true, from the beginning God’s people have been called for the sake of the world. But throughout history God’s people have often lost sight of this. This week we are starting a new series on the book of Jonah, a book that reminds God’s people that they exist for the life of the world. If you are a Christian, come rediscover why we exist. If you are not a Christian, I hope you will find that we are here for you.

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